Podcast Production

RFT Productions has a wealth of experience in producing quality audio and programming.

Expertly produced Podcasts

Corporate Video Production

Podcast recording
Creating a podcast involves so much more than just the audio production. We handle every single step in the process.

• Dedicated producer
• Production planning
• Professional mixing
• Audio mastering
• Audio restoration
• Re-versioning
• Sound design
• Script editing
• Studio recording
• Mobile recording
• Remote recording

Dedicated producer
If the project requires it, we will have a producer dedicated to the podcast, to make sure every aspect from the studio set up to the final mastered mix is controlled and professionally delivered.

Guiding you through the recoding process

Production planning
We will work with our client and the talent involved to make sure the production is produced as smoothly as possible. and that the production meets exact requirements of the client.
Professional mixing
We predominantly mix using avid Pro Tools and the avid see 24 Digidesign design mixing desk, outboard and plugins to produce broadcast quality podcasts.
Audio mastering
All productions are mastered in our post production studio, we use the latest mastering techniques to produce the finest audio output.
Audio restoration
In some instances we may have to repair and restore some audio recordings, this may be due to remote recording issues such as Internet drop out low end equipment, or we may have to do a restoration project on tapes supplied to us in poor condition.
We have the enhanced facilities to be able to re version most audio and visual to any specification
Sound design
Podcast recording isn't always just about the vocal recording. Podcasts can be enhanced to exceed the normal listening experience through sound design. Our expertise and our post production facilities enable us to create sound that is more engaging to the listener.

High production value

Script editing
The majority of podcasts are natural speaking occasions in saying this it is always a good idea to have an idea of what the end product will be. We always encourage some form of script writing to be undertaking prior to any production so that we can make sure the end product is formulated from the original idea.
Studio recording
At RFT we have our own recording facility with a great selection of high end microphones, outboard and equipment. while some recordings are produced in other studios, so our producers and engineers are able to travel to any destination too produce recordings.
Mobile recording
We have the equipment and know how to do mobile recordings anywhere in the world if required.
Remote recording
RFT is part of the IPDTL studio network, this enables us to record remotely with anybody in the world. the facility allows us to record six separate audio tracks from six separate sources from anywhere. We then take these recordings into our postproduction facility and re edit the whole production to produce either a show or a podcast. 

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