Documentary Production

We have over 15 years’ experience of creating outstanding quality documentaries and factual productions, that are evocative, engaging and resonate with a wide audience demographic.

Documentary Production for broadcast & corporate

Factual Documentary Production

RFT Productions develop and produce informative documentaries that are broadcast on channels such as the BBC, documentaries for educational organisations such as the Open University and Loughborough University, as well as documentaries for corporate clients that show impactful journeys of company progression as well as product and services growth.

Story telling Documentary Development

When undertaking documentary projects, our team work tirelessly to squeeze every bit of their creativity, skills and story telling ability to create the best quality Immersive, contrasting and provocative documentaries that are testament to the story or originator and engage audiences from start to finish.

Documentaries testament to their origin

We often champion our own ideas for documentaries, if we find a subject or story that we are passionate about.

We are currently working on three new documentaries, two of which are self funded and one is commissioned and privately funded.

Notable productions

During the history of RFT there have been a few major productions, here are a handful.

Production title Genre Date PlatformRole
Rainbow Child (Malawi)
2007DVD / StreamFull production
Rainbow Child (South Africa)
2009DVD / StreamFull production
TJ Higgs
Documentary2011DVD / StreamFull production
The Business tree (Open University)
Documentary2010StreamFull production
Retail management and marketing (Open University)
Documentary2011StreamFull production
Theo's Adventure Capitalists(BBC, Open University)
Documentary2012BBCFull production
The OU Archive
Documentary2012StreamFull production
Get on and DanceGame content2013GameContent production
Baby Zilli
TV commercial2013ITVFull production
Mike Nolan (Desperado)
Music Video2016PromoFull production
Celebrity property search
TV Pilot2016TV PilotFull production
Short2017StreamFull production
Celebrities on ice
Live show2014DVDFull production
Freddie Starr Live
Live show2013DVD/ AmazonFull production
Celebrities on ice
TV Commercial2014UKTVFull production
Celebrities on ice
TV Commercial2015UKTVFull production
Curvy Cola
TV Pilot2018TV PilotFull production
OCHI (Get down)
Music Video2018PromoFull production
Your Journey
Promotion2016StreamFull production
Auction 365
TV Commercial2008ITV2Full production
Kate Robbins (Amazing)
Music Video2018PromoFull production
Kate Robbins (Soho nights)Music Video2019PromoFull production
TV Commercial2017UKTVFull production
Speed Garage
TV Pilot2022TV PilotFull production
Consumer Protect 
TV Commercial2021DaveFull production
Retail Ombudsman
TV Commercial2017ITVFull production
Are we talkin'
TV Pilot2006TV PilotFull production
My God
Documentary2005StreamFull production
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Documentary development

Documentary development

Documentary development

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