Latest News

  • Interview with Jess Conrad - 03/07/2021
  • Recording session booked with Anton Du Beke - 04/05/2021
  • New Podcast recording with Joe McElderry (X Factor) -30/04/2021 - Produced by RFT Productions, listen here
  • Recording of a Podcast for Buttle UK 31/03/2021 with guest presenter Jane More (loose Women)
  • Filming commences - 4/04/2021 - on a new corporate promo for ATP, incredible shots, looking forward to the final edit.
  • ipDTL Network studio - 26/03/2021 - We are now an approved ipDTL Network studio
  • Interview video recording -20/03/2021 - Very successful filming day in Hertfordshire, 3 cam shoot with our cut down COVID 19 crew.
  • New Podcast recording with Jane More (loose Women) -19/03/2021- booked for 31st March.
  • New Documentary Commission "LOST RELIC" -18/03/2021 - A lottery funded documentary about the pain staking restoration of a famous art relic.
    UK Film School is co producing, planning starts in May.
  • Podcast for Buttle - 10/03/2021 - Buttle is a children's charity, we have embarked on a series of podcasts for them, the first one was completed this week, hosted by Gregg Rutherford. . Listen here.
  • COVID 19 Remote recording - 02/02/2021- We have perfected the art of remote audio recording for our clients.
  • Mark Labbett (The Chase) -16/01/2021 - Podcast recording  for the Consumer Lawyer series. Listen here
  • Podcasts - 15/01/2021 - The Consumer Lawyer, Dean Dunham has launched a series of podcasts, RFT are producing them .
  • Series of interview video recordings - 15/01/2021 - scheduled for the next few months, first one this week with a very funny man!
  • Animation - 19/12/202 - We have completed two animations in-house for CDRL using some new techniques, uncharted territory!
  • Aled Jones Podcast recording - 26/11/2020 - recorded with Dean Dunham (LBC).
    Listen here.
  •  live room and vocal booth go live - 11/11/2020 - Live and being heavily used already! BBC Radio 4 production booked.
  • Documentary in planning - 17/09/2020 - RFT have teamed up with Gary Halliday from UK Film School to explore two new exciting documentary productions.
  • Voice over for Bound for Greatness - 07/08/2020 - Kate Robbins (Character Voice over artist) and 3 other VO artists recorded virtually using Clean Feed software.
    Client - WARHAMMER.
  • Recording studio - 25/6/2020 - Our live room and vocal booth is currently in renovation, we hope to have it completed late summer.
  • RFT COVID 19 Policy - 25/05/2020 - interesting read!
  • Studio Rebuild - 20/3/2020- The old sound recording studio that has been in existence since 1998 is no more, a new facility is now in place which boasts an Avid Media Composer suite and a Pro tools facility, new Digidesign 24 track desk with 5.1 surround, new outboard and amplification.
  • The RFT portal -07/04/2020 -  RFT have developed a unique video and project sharing platform for the production team, contributors and partners.
  • New server facility - 25/01/2020 - RFT have returned to an old partner they used in 1999, Fasthosts have improved their whole range of hosting facilities and support. RFT have invested in a complete new range of servers and network infrastructure for both their clients and their own video production platform.
  • Documentary in planning - 20/01/2020 - re starting a documentary that began it's life in 2011, very exciting 18 months ahead!
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Post production, video production company, audio editing, recording studio, sound recording, video film development, video and audio restoration, Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire, London, UK.